Snowballs™ for Scrotal Sports Pain

Cycling? Motorcycling? Horseback Riding? Hernia? Forgot to wear that cup?


Whether you've been in the saddle too long, or got hit below the belt, your doctor has probably told you that icing is the best way to beat the pain. What he probably didn't mention is that icing your scrotum is so difficult that it should be named an Olympic sport of its own. 

Puddles of melted ice on the floor? Awkward conversations with the neighbors through the front door? Confused (or giggling) offspring?

That was us. But Snowballs™ makes icing convenient. Comfortable, organic all-day underwear with a pouch designed to fit one of our special ice packs - SnowWedges™ - each of which keeps you cold for about 30 minutes, so you can ice - and feel some relief! - whenever convenient.

We built them to maximize fertility. But they'll help relieve your pain.