fertility underwear

The worldwide standard for male fertility. Established in 2013.

vasectomy underwear

The scientifically backed cooling underwear designed to naturally improve male fertility and testosterone, as well as to relieve scrotal pain.

cooling underwear

Studies have shown that lowering scrotal temperature by even one degree Celsius can improve sperm count and quality.

snowballs underwear

male infertility • vasectomies • varicoceles • hydroceles • spermatoceles • epididymitis • red sack syndrome • athletic injuries • testosterone enhancement

infertility underwear

• 2 pair of certified organic cotton boxer-briefs.
• 3 SnowWedges.
• 1 booklet, A Gentleman's Guide to Cooling, with science and fertility tips.



Our Story

Our Journey from Infertility to "Manly Cooling"

how to improve male fertility


How Snowballs can enhance male fertility

The Science

A Brief History of Scrotal Cooling

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