Frequently Asked Questions - Male Fertility

How long does it take the body to create a spermatozoa?
About 74 days, or approximately 10 weeks. This process is continually beginning anew, however, so any treatment for male infertility will ideally be done over a period of several months.

What effect can heat have on sperm quality?
Heat can kill sperm, but just as importantly, it creates conditions that complicate your body’s ability to efficiently produce sperm, resulting in lesser quality (“sperm motility”) and lesser quantity (“sperm count”). A consistent scrotal temperature increase of even just one degree Celsius will adversely affect your sperm production.

Why does cooling work?
Studies have shown that occasionally reducing the temperature of the scrotal area by just 2-5 degrees Celsius can reverse male infertility. The enzymes responsible for testosterone and sperm production work most effectively at a certain optimally cool temperature, so you don’t want to be out of that zone. Keep yourself cool, and your body will be able to do its job most efficiently.

How are SnowWedges™ designed to maximize these benefits?
Our ergonomic SnowWedges™ have undergone extensive testing with consulting doctors. They are designed with a central hinge that cleverly molds the SnowWedge™ around your body to reach maximum surface area and maximum cooling. Unlike normal icepacks, they won’t get you wet, and you won’t have to sit there holding ice for hours. Admit it: even if you understand that testicular cooling is good for you, and even if you want a child more than anything, you’re not likely to keep up an unpleasant, messy, and time-consuming routine for long. With Snowballs you can keep moving, keep working, and keep playing, without wasting time thinking about a problem that you’re undoubtedly devoting enough mental and physical energy to already.

Can I see improvements with just a couple of hours of cooling a day?
Absolutely. Your body is always producing sperm, and the more often you create the optimal conditions within yourself for that production, the better. The goal is to decrease your daily average scrotal temperature.

When should I cool?
Snowballs have been designed to make cooling convenient: anytime, anyplace. But give some thought to when your body temperature is the highest – after a workout, under the bed covers, coming out of the shower – and try to establish a routine that keeps you cool at the times you know you’re hottest. This will decrease your daily average scrotal temperature as effectively as possible.

How soon can Snowballs™ positively affect spermatozoa?
Studies of men who cooled their testicles nightly showed a significant increase in sperm count after just eight weeks, and a further increase after twelve weeks. Given the time it takes to produce sperm, three months of treatment is recommended to see a marked improvement.

What other measures can I take to reduce scrotal temperature?
Heat is your enemy. Avoid saunas, baths, and excessively hot showers. Then put your laptop anyplace other than your lap (in your lap, those laptops have been shown to increase your temperature by 2.8 degrees, which is more than enough to do some damage).

What other lifestyle changes can I make to increase my chances of conceiving?
Stop smoking. Drink less, and avoid hard alcohol. In short, sound mind in sound body. Live well, think positive thoughts, be healthy for your own sake first. Use Snowballs daily and make these lifestyle changes, and you’ll almost certainly see an increase in sperm count and quality, giving yourself the best shot for conceiving.

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